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Chasing EL wire: There are two quality levels of chasing EL wire, standard quality and top quality.

Standard quality, with standard brightness, the general specifications in stock: dia=0.9 mm, color: blue; dia=2mm, color: lime, blue, pink, green,

purple, orange, red, water-blue, ice-blue, blue-green (welted); custom diameter or custom color is welcome.

Top quality, with the top brightness in the world, the top quality and the top brightness chasing el wire in the world, the general specifications in

stock: dia=3.5 mm, color: blue, aqua, lime, red, 3 colors chasing ( lime + aqua + pink ); custom diameter or custom color is welcome.

Inverter: chasing ( motion ) EL wire could power by 3VDC, 6VDC, 12VDC, or 100-240VAC, it depends on both the length and the quality level

of chasing EL wire, also could adjust the chasing speed freely and change the chasing directions from the inverter; custom inverter is welcome.

Application: atmosphere lamp of car decorations, Christmas tree lighting, Christmas tree decorating ideas, stage light, music dancing costumes

for show, DIY lighting, KTV decorations, indoors decorations, holiday lighting, motorbicycle atmosphere lamp, cosplay, flowing performances of

model set, graduation project etc.

Generally it is round wire ( shape ) , any shape could be customized. More details please feel free to contact us:, contact person: Albert Cheng, 24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780
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