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Chasing EL wire inverter, TC-C2, power by 6VDC, 4AAA battery

 chasing el wire inverter

 driver of chasing el wire

Size: 8.5 (L) * 5.5 (W) * 2.5 (H) cm

Function: chasing / off, push switch

High quality chasing el inverter, power by 4AAA battery, back clip is an option. Max Light up 15 meters standard quality chasing EL wire; max light

up 6 meters of the top quality chasing EL wire. To include the 4AAA batteries, total weight is around 100g. Good for making dancing costumes, bicycle

decorations etc.

More details, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Contact Person: Albert Cheng

24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780




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